Srixon Sports Europe (SSE), owned by SRI Sports Limited, which also owns Dunlop and Slazenger, is a World leader in golf. SSE is the fourth largest golf company in the world and has been making balls, clubs and accessories for more than 80 years.

SSE import their products from manufacturing sites in the Far East directly into Southampton Docks, the first Port of Call for ships arriving from that region. Onward B2B and B2C distribution to the UK, Continental Europe and North Africa.

Long Term Partnership

Import Services and SSE have been in Partnership since 2008. In that time, the Partnership has strengthened beyond logistics whereby Import Services provide SSE with a wide range of benefits, from bonded warehousing; to port-centric facilities enabling a lean supply chain plus the business edge to import and fast track golf products to market across the UK, Eire and Continental Europe.

Best in Class

Aligned to SSE’s vision to attain ‘Best in class’ for service and underpin market growth, Import Services’ has delivered increasing efficiency and cost-saving by cutting an average of 5 days from SSE’s supply chain and by offering cash flow benefits holding stock under bond, deferring VAT and Duty until after the product is sold.


SSE’s dedicated account manager monitors the process to highlight areas where efficiency gains can be made.

Investment in a dedicated returns team based within the home DC is a case in point, negating the need to transport product back and forth between SSE’s Alton warehouse and Import Services’ facilities.

Further initiatives involve the installation of a conveyor system, bespoke to SSE, which improves inbound efficiency and assists speedy triage for goods arriving at the warehouse, this complements our purpose-built racking for SSE goods.


TRAC enables the SSE team complete visibility of logistics activities 24/7 and, with a dedicated account manager, the ability to align valuable reporting to assist supply chain decision making takes place. More recent initiatives involve tracking aged stock and improving stock turn to assist tactical marketing to move product.

Key Services

  • Southampton Distribution Centre location
  • CFSP Bonded Warehousing
  • VAT & Duty free storage options
  • Valuable Pre-Retail Services
  • Reworking
  • Amazon Integration
  • Fast track to UK/EIRE/European/North African customers
  • Real time information flow


The Difference

  • Dedicated Account Management
  • Peak Season Flexibility
  • Bespoke Returns operation
  • SSE Staff Office Space
  • UK load distribution with 23 million golf balls shipped in the last 12 months!


Taking retail logistics to a new dimension

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We’re delighted to be working with Import Services, having seen first-hand the advantages of their port-centric location and in-depth retail knowledge

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Richard Wells

University Games + Paul Lamond

‘Our expanding multi-channel networks demand speed to market from bonded DC facilities, this criteria was met by Import Services.’

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Jodie Thorpe

Co-Founder & Managing Director, The Little Birdy Group

“Our previous experience with other logistics firms made us focus upon the importance of finding a contractor with a management team which can maintain a true ‘hands on’ approach”.

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Mike Weiss

Operations Manager, Melissa & Doug

“Our decision to work with Import Services is based on their impressive knowledge of UK retail logistics which, combined with web enabled systems and their port-centric location in Southampton, presented us with a compelling business case”.

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Mark Hyndman

Alpha Animation

‘The strength of our relationship with Import Services is based on their information systems.’

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Jon More

Learning Resources

“You have provided us with a robust start to the year with the consistent shipping of high numbers, your output was hard, fast and relentless, thank you very much.”

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Darren Runnette

Art Marketing

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