Bolton based Cosatto is the manufacturer of award winning car seats, pushchairs and travel systems and has been an Import Services Client since 2014.

Cosatto import their products from manufacturing sites in the Far East directly into Southampton Docks, the first Port of Call for ships arriving from that region. Onward B2B and B2C distribution to the UK, Continental Europe and the Russian Federation.


Port-Centric Logistics

The large nature of Cosatto’s product size makes the Southampton Docks DC the natural choice, predominantly due to its vast number of pallet locations and capacity for further extension.


Strong Partnership and Integration

Retailers that accept Cosatto product demand the usage of Kewill and Metapack IT systems, which determine that an integrated labelling process is necessary to ensure speed to shelf. A strong Partnership with clear communication with all parties can achieve these bespoke requirements. Further examples of integration include the flexible arrangement for quality control. Import Services provide this facility, but also during peak times allow for Cosatto team members to supplement QC workflow and train when peak.



Our Client Portal TRAC is regularly used for monitoring stock, dispatch, returns, goods in, stock. The real-time, 24/7 nature of access to TRAC is ideal for Clients delivering B2C. Clients who have a strong social media presence require a flexible and responsiveness logistics provider to mirror the very same service they offer. TRAC delivers instant information and aligned with the account manager can action end-customer requirements swiftly.


Online Retail

• Cosatto provides ‘Drop Ship’ products for Retailers such as Halfords, Mothercare and JD Williams

• Standard Order processing and store deliveries to other Clients’ DC’s such as John Lewis and High Street Indi stores

• The impressive speed in importing stock and processing to market provides Cosatto with a business edge in supply chain efficiency

• Orders are processed daily for direct delivery B2B and B2C, from Southampton container port to customers right across the UK, Eire, Continental Europe and further afield

• Cosatto keeps on TRAC with inbound logistics, stock, order processing and delivery all in real time and with trusted support from Import Services’ great Client Services team


Key Services

• Southampton Distribution Centre location

• VAT & Duty Free / Bonded storage options to assist cash flow

• Valuable Pre-Retail Services

• Reworking

• Online Ordering

• Fast track to UK/EIRE/European/ Russian Federation

• Real time information flow


The Difference

• Knowledge and Experience of the Nursery sector

• Integrated Labelling Process

• B2C end-customer responsiveness

• Dedicated Account Management

• Returns operation

• Flexible QC Checking Area Provision

• Exceptionally clean facilities and working environment



Taking retail logistics to a new dimension

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“Our previous experience with other logistics firms made us focus upon the importance of finding a contractor with a management team which can maintain a true ‘hands on’ approach”.

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Mike Weiss

Operations Manager, Melissa & Doug

“Our decision to work with Import Services is based on their impressive knowledge of UK retail logistics which, combined with web enabled systems and their port-centric location in Southampton, presented us with a compelling business case”.

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Mark Hyndman

Alpha Animation

‘The strength of our relationship with Import Services is based on their information systems.’

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Jon More

Learning Resources

“You have provided us with a robust start to the year with the consistent shipping of high numbers, your output was hard, fast and relentless, thank you very much.”

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Darren Runnette

Art Marketing

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