As Brexit on March 29th 2019 moves closer, the UK Government has published a series of ‘Technical Notes’ of provisions to apply under a ‘No deal’ scenario here.

We would also point you in particular, to the note on Trading with the EU, available here.

Our carrier partners are helping us prepare for a ‘Hard Brexit

The Technical Notes are detailed however, initial guidelines to help ensure your goods keep moving are summarised as follows:

1. Full description of goods

Both UK & EU Customs will require a clear description of the products we are distributing. In this respect goods are required to be classified [CCCN], with their description applicable to the cited classification. It will be important invoices clearly state the description of the goods involved with consistency across nomenclature in this respect.

2. A Letter of empowerment

UK/EU Customs will require Import Services to formally ‘Empower’ our carrier partners to act on our behalf as a ‘Customs representative’. This will be necessary in writing and Import Services will provide a template in good time.

3. EORI Registration number

Both VAT and EORI numbers will be required.

4. Payment of duty & VAT where applicable

Post-Brexit import duty & VAT liabilities may be incurred although the level and incidence of charges are yet to take form. When they do crystallise, we will agree together how to treat this process post-Brexit, facilitated by our AEO accreditation already in place.

5. Bonded Storage with Import Services

It is recommended if your goods are not already held under bond with us, we consider together the facility of Customs bonded operations to gain both cash flow advantages [deferred duty and VAT] and flexibility in supplying goods to inside and outside the EU.

For any questions arising at this stage, please address them via your Import Services’ key correspondent and we will field together with input from HMRC et al.

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