Taking Retail Logistics to a New Dimension

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The businesses working with Import Services all have vested interests in the new world of retailing. They are all companies that share a global desire to differentiate product and deliver a new dimension in service, along multi channel supply chains, to all our respective Customers.

This is why we seek like-minded Clients and business partnerships, companies that comprehend and wish to help shape the future of multiple channel retail logistics.

There is also another, rather intangible ingredient…fun!

Our philosophy is we work with people that we like working with!

There must be something in this, because business retention in dynamic times is a key indicator and this KPI just keeps on improving.

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‘We wanted to streamline and enhance the management and visibility of our supply chain from Far East production to customers across Europe, removing the complexity and unnecessary cost of Inland Distribution Centres. To achieve this we selected Import Services.’

Julian Palmer, Srixon Sports Europe