Taking Retail Logistics to a New Dimension

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Retail Distribution

Working with Import Services gives you all the tools you need for multi channel distribution in the new world of retail.

Major and Multiple Retailers deliver daily to their stores and regional centres in the South of England and then traditionally, head back to their own hubs, running empty!

Import Services realise the need to forge a new link in the Retail supply chain and become an integral part of the inbound flow of products to Retailers’ Distribution Centres. By doing this, our Clients as Suppliers, benefit from cost-effective and reliable deliveries and the Retailers themselves, benefit by cutting empty running miles from their own trucks and nominated Carrier fleets.

Import Services consolidates your orders with other Clients’ orders destined for the same delivery slot, which of course we arrange for you. Co-loaded economically and TRAC’d onto a Retailer’s back haul service, safe and secure… right through to successful on-time delivery.

This service is environmentally friendly too, because using Import Services’ in your supply chain helps to reduce the number of truck movements on the roads. Therefore, whether your orders are for Argos or Tesco, John Lewis or Sainsbury’s, Amazon or ASDA… we have optimum Retail Distribution in place.

For your parcel orders to stores or, direct to consumer, Import Services is integrated with express carriers such as TNT and DHL International. We provide next day delivery services throughout the UK and to principal European cities. Three to four day deliveries are available right across Continental Europe.

Trailers are loaded with parcel orders at our Distribution Centres in Southampton, day and night, with TRAC recording order status, in real time. When despatched you and the consignee will know because TRAC watches and reports all the way to successful delivery.

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Our decision to work with Import Services is based on their impressive knowledge of UK retail logistics which, combined with web enabled systems and their port-centric location in Southampton, presented us with a compelling business case.”

Mark Hyndman, Alpha Animation