New warehouse extensionSuperstructure is now in place,  as Import Services’ port-centric warehouse facility makes an impact on the skyline in Southampton docks.

Circa 260 tonnes of steel structure has been used in the warehouse construction to date and with progress advancing rapidly, this container quayside project in conjunction with ABP,  is now ahead of schedule for completion in July.

“This is great timing said Mike Thomas, Client Services Director, as we are privileged to be growing both with our existing Clients and new business, waiting to take up the new capacity!”

Other facts and figures involved in the construction programme comprise:-

  • 2,000 cubic meters of concrete
  • 1,500 sqm block paving
  • 4,500 sqm of wall cladding
  • 9 new distribution bays 
  • 6,800 sqm of roof cladding
  • 500 replacement roof lights in the existing building + 400 new roof lights in the new building
  • 3,200 roof mounted solar panels forming a 5,300 sqm array

Taking retail logistics to a new dimension

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“Our previous experience with other logistics firms made us focus upon the importance of finding a contractor with a management team which can maintain a true ‘hands on’ approach”.

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Mike Weiss

Operations Manager, Melissa & Doug

“Our decision to work with Import Services is based on their impressive knowledge of UK retail logistics which, combined with web enabled systems and their port-centric location in Southampton, presented us with a compelling business case”.

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Mark Hyndman

Alpha Animation

‘The strength of our relationship with Import Services is based on their information systems.’

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Jon More

Learning Resources

“You have provided us with a robust start to the year with the consistent shipping of high numbers, your output was hard, fast and relentless, thank you very much.”

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Darren Runnette

Art Marketing

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