MIPOW, a leading manufacturer of mobile accessories, has appointed Import Services as its logistics partner for the UK and continental European markets.

The new partnership will see MIPOW, an authorised manufacturer licensee of Apple Inc; import its range of mobile accessories including chargers, back up batteries, headsets and speakers using Bluetooth wireless technology.

Import Services is providing MIPOW with a complete port-centric service from UK customs clearance to bonded warehousing, high volume order processing and distribution throughout the UK and continental Europe.

Set up in 2010 Hong Kong-based, MIPOW is launching in the UK to supply the corporate gift and B2C e-commerce markets.

Mike Thomas Client Services Director at Import Services said he was delighted to welcome MIPOW to its portfolio of clients which have embraced the company’s port-centric supply chain model, which reduces the supply chain time to a minimum while ensuring timely delivery to the end user.

“With supply chain time-lines shrinking and retailers ordering smaller quantities more frequently, means our container port logistics services are now key to gaining a necessary business edge,’’ said Mike.

“When looking for a logistics partner Import Services provided us with the perfect solution with its port centric model, commented MIPOW’s sales director Steve Hockney.

“We needed a company with seamless import and product movement capabilities, one which would allow us to track our products from the moment they leave the Far East to the moment they are delivered to our customers. Not only does Import Services bring our products into the country, clear customs and provide a bonded warehouse, its strategically based operation allows us to operate a cost effective, traceable and flexible operation.”

Operating from Southampton container port and linking intelligent networks of supply chain services with global real time information, Import Services provides the optimum route to market in the new world of multi-channel retailing.

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“Our previous experience with other logistics firms made us focus upon the importance of finding a contractor with a management team which can maintain a true ‘hands on’ approach”.

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Mike Weiss

Operations Manager, Melissa & Doug

“Our decision to work with Import Services is based on their impressive knowledge of UK retail logistics which, combined with web enabled systems and their port-centric location in Southampton, presented us with a compelling business case”.

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Mark Hyndman

Alpha Animation

‘The strength of our relationship with Import Services is based on their information systems.’

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Jon More

Learning Resources

“You have provided us with a robust start to the year with the consistent shipping of high numbers, your output was hard, fast and relentless, thank you very much.”

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Darren Runnette

Art Marketing

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