Taking Retail Logistics to a New Dimension

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Information flow is now central to the new world of retail logistics. At Import Services TRAC gives you the ability to access, monitor, download and decide in real time, from wherever you connect to us, via the Web.

TRAC’s data streams extend globally to our agents in the Far East, monitoring your Purchase Orders and managing efficient container shipping to Southampton.

TRAC is here to help you control inventory in your supply chain, to show order status and progress through physical handling, bookings, ASN’s and all the processes PIC, PAC and STAC work on in our distribution centres, day and night, to move your products to market, with track and trace safe delivery.

TRAC links your systems, with Import Services’ network, to provide your business with the future of logistics, now.

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Import Services has a keen understanding of both Risk Management plus Health and Safety controls. This company’s particular attention to detail, its staff training records and methods of risk assessment are far above what I would typically expect from a logistics operation.”

Mark White, AXA Insurance