Taking Retail Logistics to a New Dimension

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STAC now oversees 50,000 pallets.

STAC is capable of reaching up easily to 7 pallet levels high using sheer power and WiFi commands to put-away and retrieve pallets. Although STAC is robust, he is also surprisingly flexible, moving within narrow aisle racked areas with ease.

When you see STAC, he is equally happy receiving checked, wrapped and bar code labelled pallets from Goods In for location in the storage areas, as well as feeding stock to pre-retail teams for PAC to work on, before despatch.

STAC’s work is of course controlled by TRAC, the fourth member of our team at Import Services…

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Import Services has a keen understanding of both Risk Management plus Health and Safety controls. This company’s particular attention to detail, its staff training records and methods of risk assessment are far above what I would typically expect from a logistics operation.”

Mark White, AXA Insurance