Taking Retail Logistics to a New Dimension

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Picking orders in a fast moving retail operation, requires systematic accuracy, which is why Import Services invests continually in technology and new picking processes.

PIC is agile with the capacity to pick orders swiftly and efficiently using our fleet of electric powered pick carts.

PIC is however also known to be quite obstinate! Insisting on asking you to confirm, “What is 1”?

This fundamental question determines how each one of your products is recognised in terms of what constitutes a pick on every order, for each and every SKU stored and processed.

PIC is programmed to seek a unique bar code representing each of your product SKU’s at the level determined for 1. This means pre-setting a unique bar code per product SKU, to match the pick quantity at item, inner carton and outer carton level.

Once this is in place PIC is happy, priding himself on reading bar-codes all day every day, to ensure picked orders are always right.

PIC is particularly keen on monitoring performance and happiest when keeping his team mate, PAC, working hard!

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Import Services’ experience in the Toy Industry and its strong knowledge of dealing with our retail customer base, resulted in their selection to handle our warehousing and distribution activities ten years ago. Import Services’ IT system proves very useful in giving us clear visibility along the supply chain. Having this information at our fingertips enables Flair to respond more quickly to our Customers’ needs.”

Carl Moran, GP Flair