Clementoni, prestigious Italian manufacturer and distributor of games, toys and jigsaws is extending its European presence by investing in UK domestic distribution. The successful 130 Million Euro business has established its markets across Continental Europe and is now stepping up development in the UK.

To date, selling Clementoni products in the UK has taken place via agents and shipping programs direct to retailers, which is managed from Recanati, Clementoni’s head office.

April 2013 will see the launch of Clementoni UK, and distribution headed up by Michele Marziliano.

To obtain the necessary infrastructure for UK development, Clementoni has selected retail logistics specialist Import Services, to provide port-centric storage, high volume order processing, pick, pack and distribution to Clementoni’s customers, retail majors, multiples and independents.

Guido Vingiani managing director of Clementoni said ‘This is an important step change for our business in the UK. We are particularly pleased to select Import Services as our logistics partner, recognising their unique ability to give us a real edge to our development plans.’

Mike Thomas, Client Services Director for Import Services said, ‘The Clementoni win is great news for our team. We are delighted to be working with such a prestigious games and toy business, adding to the significant benefits of scale we share with all our Clients growing in this core retail sector. ‘

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“Our previous experience with other logistics firms made us focus upon the importance of finding a contractor with a management team which can maintain a true ‘hands on’ approach”.

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Mike Weiss

Operations Manager, Melissa & Doug

“Our decision to work with Import Services is based on their impressive knowledge of UK retail logistics which, combined with web enabled systems and their port-centric location in Southampton, presented us with a compelling business case”.

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Mark Hyndman

Alpha Animation

‘The strength of our relationship with Import Services is based on their information systems.’

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Jon More

Learning Resources

“You have provided us with a robust start to the year with the consistent shipping of high numbers, your output was hard, fast and relentless, thank you very much.”

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Darren Runnette

Art Marketing

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